Wooden kitchen project ‘Model Minimal’ in oiled Oak wood


The idea of this kitchen was to construct a light, low kitchen – without tall cabinets. All the appliances should be integrated in the cabinets.
Integrated into the kitchen island, on the backside toward the wall elements, are a refrigerator, oven and steam oven.

This is a truly amazing example how to integrate a modern kitchen into a old, traditional building, where you need to have respect for the craft.
Additionally to this project, the ceiling was restored to look like the original, old ceiling, and the hinges on the doors are also bespoke for this project.

The cabinets and drawers are made from Oak wood, and the wood has been treated with oil, to give the kitchen a beautiful, natural look.
As tabletops, the clients chose a 20 mm massive Oak tabletop for the kitchen island, and browned/stained brass for the tabletop under the window,
and where the main wet-areas and the cooking areas are to be found. Above the tabletop to the right is the ventilation-shelf for the cooktop with
piping integrated in the back wall. The floors are Dinesen Douglas planks.

All kitchen cabinets, either kitchen islands or wall cabinets – are made-to-measure, and you can get it in most types of wood.

See the pictures of the finished kitchen project below


Pictures above: Made-to-measure wooden kitchen crafted by Garde Hvalsøe A/S