Wooden showroom kitchen for Dinesen, in HeartOak


This is one of the most popular – and most exclusive kitchen series from Garde Hvalsøe.

Here we use the massive wooden floorboards from Dinesen, to construct the kitchen cabinet, as well as the drawers with visible finger-joints.
The drawers also take advantage of the length of the wood, to give a continuous flow of grain patterns throughout the kitchen.

These made-to-measure kitchen cabinets has only two drawers in height, which gives lighter, furniture-look to the kitchen.
With two drawers, you will need to either integrate the dishwasher in the tall cabinets, or use a Fisher&Paykel dishdrawer, as in this project.

The kitchen cabinets below the browned brass extractor hood/shelf solution have integrated appliances from Electrolux Grand Cuisine.
In the cabinets on the opposite side, with the browned brass sink, you can find an Electrolux Grand Cuisine oven and made-to-measure integrated cooling drawers as a refrigerator.

See the pictures of the finished kitchen project below


Pictures above: Made-to-measure, exclusive wooden kitchen crafted by Garde Hvalsøe A/S