Bespoke wooden kitchen by massive Dinesen-wood


This is one of the most popular – and most exclusive kitchen series from Garde Hvalsøe.

Here we use the massive wooden floorboards from Dinesen, to construct the kitchen cabinet, as well as the drawers with visible finger-joints.
The drawers also take advantage of the length of the wood, to give a continuous flow of grain patterns throughout the kitchen.

These made-to-measure kitchen cabinets has three drawers in height, which enables the integration of a dishwasher in the kitchen island.
Also on the kitchen island, the client wanted a solid steel tabletop for practical reasons.
Across from the kitchen island and wall cabinet, we integrated the appliances in a tall cabinet section.

See the pictures of the finished kitchen project below


Pictures above: Bespoke luxury kitchen from Dinesen planks crafted by Garde Hvalsøe A/S