What do I offer

I offer inclusive wooden interior design alterations, projects, and -additions from a Scandinavian design perspective and -style. As a Constructional Architect, with experience from both an Architecture company and a carpenter company, I can manage any interior design project.

I have experience with both luxury kitchens, modern style bathrooms, and bespoke furniture, and have been working with both private and corporate customers.

What can you expect

After working with Garde Hvalsøe for some years, I’m now the regional agent in Switzerland for their products. Because of this in-depth knowledge about the products, I can guarantee you the best craftsmanship from Denmark. With any Garde Hvalsøe-product, you have traditional Nordic craftsmanship, Danish design, quality materials, and minimalism.

You can, naturally, expect full discretion with any projects.

How do we proceed

If the reference pictures, portfolios, and descriptions have awakened your interest, then I’d love to hear from you! So please contact me and make an inquiry regarding your renovation project.

I will then get back to you, to arrange either a meeting at your home, or to map your wishes, needs, and ideas, and make an estimate and 3D visualization from a plan drawing of the room.

From my time in Garde Hvalsøe, I have experience from:

Scandinavian Style – Interior Design projects

Scandinavian- and Nordic style in design, as well as the term Danish design, represents simplicity, minimalism and functionality combined – and is often used to describe both furniture, Architecture, interior design, etc.

Whether it’s a bespoke, wooden Dinesen-kitchen or classical and sturdy Hans J. Wegner-furniture you are looking for, I can help you get the Nordic feeling to your home.

Give me a call at either (CH) +41 (0)76 786 07 05 or (DK) +45 2420 0423 to discuss further.

Danish Design Classics – Timeless Furniture

Other than the amazing, made-to-measure kitchens from Garde Hvalsøe A/S, I can also deliver the more classic furniture from PP Møbler, Carl Hansen & Søn, Fredericia Furniture, etc. So you are in need of a sturdy and ergonomic dining-room chair, or maybe a cozy lounge chair from Danish designers Hans J. Wegner, Børge Mogensen, Arne Jacobsen, Poul Kjærholm, Mogens Koch, and many more – feel free to give me a call for a non-committal price quote.

See more pictures of, amongst others, the Wishbone Chair, Bull Chair, Flag Halyard Chair, or maybe The Egg, here on this site.

Partners and brands – who am I working with

Exclusive kitchens and furniture from Danish carpenters Garde Hvalsøe A/S

Garde Hvalsøe A/S is a Danish carpentry-company, who  for more than 25 years have constructed exclusive and made-to-measure furniture in your desired dimensions and materials.
With any Garde Hvalsøe-product, you have traditional Nordic craftsmanship, Danish design, quality materials and results, and minimalism.

Garde Hvalsøe help clients design and construct unique, bespoke kitchens and bathroom furniture in the same, natural materials and style.
They also construct made-to-measure furnishing, such as walk-in-closets, utility rooms and B2B projects, that fits the new kitchen or bathroom.

I have been working with Garde Hvalsøe A/S since 2013, and have in-depth knowledge about their products.

High-end, professional appliances from Gaggenau

German Gaggenau is one of the world’s leadings brands of restaurant-grade cooking technology for the modern home.

They specialize in high-performance built-in kitchen appliances, ranging from ovens, gas hobs, electric and induction cooktops, ventilation, refrigerators and freezers, as well as integrated dishwashers and more.

Their products are all high-quality, with beautiful surface finishes, including easy to navigate panels and interfaces.

PP Møbler: The complete Hans J. Wegner Artisan’s Collection

PP Møbler is a family owned Danish joinery workshop, established in 1953, with a strong tradition for crafting designer furniture of very high quality. Motivation has always been the love of wood, and a stubborn belief that technique, ingenuity and craftsmanship can be combined in the strive for quality.

From PP Møbler you can get hand-crafted Hans J. Wegner furniture, such as the basics – tables and chairs, but also a wide range of lounge chairs, benches, desks, and more.

As with Garde Hvalsøe, with any PP Møbler-product, you have traditional Danish craftsmanship, high-quality materials, and the everlasting furniture classics of Hans J. Wegner.

CARL HANSEN & SØN – Passionate Craftsmanship since 1908

Carl Hansen & Søn was established in Denmark in 1908 by cabinetmaker Carl Hansen. Their passion for producing high-quality furniture is rooted in more than a century of craftsmanship traditions.

To this day, Carl Hansen & Søn remains faithful to their design-philosophy about producing sustainable furniture of enduring beauty.

Carl Hansen & Søn is the largest manufacturer of furniture designed by Hans J. Wegner. We continually develop our portfolio by gathering iconic furniture classics, such as The Wishbone Chair by Hans J. Wegner, The Safari Chair by Kaare Klint, The Folding Chair by Mogens Koch and The Colonial Chair by Ole Wanscher. Iconic classics, that are all characterized by high-quality and sustainable craftsmanship.